Regulating Council

The right to a protected apellation for our wines dates back to the Splanish Wine Statue established in 1933.

In 1945 the Regulating Council was established and in 1947 the first regulation was approved which only covered fortified wines, the so-called Tarragona Classics.

Modifications in 1959 (incorporating dry and semi-sweet wines) and thereafter to the present day have gradually updated the range of wines covered, always guaranteeing their identity, quality and origin.


Current legislation of the DO Tarragona:

  • DO Tarragona Specification
  • DO Tarragona Regulation: Order ARP/276/2005 published 4th June 2005, in the Diari Oficial de la Generalitat de Catalunya núm. 4410)

Download the DO Tarragona Specification (in Spanish).

Origin and Quality

The function of the Regulatory Council of the DO Tarragona is to guarantee the origin and quality of the products covered under the DO Tarragona label.

All wines bottled and marketed as DO Tarragona pass two types of analysis, a physical-chemical analysis that is carried out in an accredited laboratory such as the laboratory of analysis of the Enological Station of Reus and an organoleptic analysis, that is, a tasting by the tasting panel of the DO Tarragona.


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