Cooperativism was a very important movement in the history of associations in Catalonia. In the DO Tarragona, the cooperative movement was and is very important as it brings together the majority of grape growers who produce grapes in the DO territory.

The cooperatives have always maintained the link with the DO Tarragona, which has allowed us to have presence throughout the territory.

The cooperatives associated to the DO Tarragona are:

  • Cooperativa Agrícola de Vila-rodona
  • Cooperativa Agrícola de Bràfim
  • Cooperativa Agrícola de Salomó
  • Cooperativa Agrícola d'Alió
  • Cooperativa Agrícola de Vilabella
  • Cooperativa Agrícola de Puigpelat
  • Adernats – Catedral del vi de Nulles
  • Cooperativa de La Nou de Gaià
  • Cooperativa de Benissanet
  • Cooperativa de Ginestar
  • Cooperativa de Garcia
  • Unió Fruits (Vinebre, Masllorenç)
  • Cellers Unió