Organizational chart

The Regulating Council

Maria Rosa Blanch Salesas
Maria Rosa Blanch Salesas, President
President: Maria Rosa Blanch Salesas

Owner of Cellers Blanch, in Puigpelat, Maria Rosa Blanch has a degree in Chemical Sciences from the Central University of Barcelona. With oenology studies at the Escola Superior d'Agricultura de Barcelona and professional experience in the world of wine, she is the second generation in this winery in the DO Tarragona, with roots in the Alt Camp farming community.

El Consell Regulador

Group A: Growers belonging to Cooperatives or Sats

Representative 1: Jordi Sánchez Gatell
Substitute 1: Isidre Coll Recasens

Representative 2: Joan Josep Raventós Coral
Substitute 2: Gerard Freixas Palau

Representative 3: Joan Nadal Rodon
Substitute 3: Roger Gaya Benet

Representative 4: Enric Vives Domingo
Substitute 4: Marc Dasca Vidal

Group B: Individual growers

Representative 1: Joan M. Vilalta Agràs
Substitute 1: Helga Anita Harbig Cerezo

Group C: Producers who do not bottle their wines

Representative 1: Josep Anton Llaquet Isart, representing UNIÓ FRUITS, SCCL
Substitute 1: Joan Linares Torres, representing SOCIETAT AGRÍCOLA I SECCIÓ DE CRÈDIT DE VALLS, SCCL

Group D: Producers that bottle their wines

Representative 1: Albert Andrés Saura, representing CELLER COOPERATIU I SECCIÓ DE CRÈDIT DE VILA-RODONA, SCCL
Substitute 1: Gerard Galofré Bonell, representing Projecte ESTOL

Representative 2: Pere Martorell Garcia, representing DE MULLER
Substitute 2: Noemí Poquet Tarragó, representing MOLÍ DE RUÉ

Representative 3: Maria Rosa Blanch Salesas, representing CELLERS BLANCH
Substitute 3: Montserrat Bové Balsells, representing GLOBAL VINICOLA

Representative 4: Josep M. Llauradó i Reverchon, representing CELLER MAS DEL BOTÓ
Substitute 4: Josep Enric Tutusaus Calull, representing la AGRICOLA DE SALOMÓ, SCCL