Ancestral sparkling wines

Ancestral sparkling wines

Collaboration project between the URV Facultat Enologia and DO TARRAGONA in the study of the process of different aspects in the production of Ancestral sparkling wines.

Period of action: from 2022 to 2024.

Experimental monitoring

The project began during the 2022 harvest and where the DO Tarragona provided Macabeu grapes to the experimental cellar of Mas dels Frares to make different vinifications according to the ancestral method.

In the first harvest the grapes came from a Macabeu estate in Vilabella and the 2023 harvest came from a plot located in the municipality of Nulles.

About 1000 Kg of Macabeu grapes are needed where the vinifications are carried out by the ancestral and traditional methods, to see the differences both in method and in final results, physical-chemical and organoleptic analysis of both methods.


To extract the results and conclusions of the two vinifications so that the wineries can obtain a rigorous and scientific method to make a quality sparkling wine using the Ancestral method.

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